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High Purity Chemicals - Industry Needs Them Pure

Posted by Admin on November, 14, 2014

other chemicals or as a catalyst in producing many articles or in simply aiding a process. One of the most critical aspects in such applications is the purity of the chemicals being bought by the industry from the manufacturers of the chemicals. High Purity Chemicals manufacturers and suppliers have to take sufficient care and use the best technology available to make and supply them to the satisfaction of their customers. Although there are very large number of chemicals which fall under this category, we will look at some of them.
Some of the Pure Chemicals
  • Ammonium Molybdate
  • Cadmium Carbonate
  • Cadmium Nitrate
  • Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate
  • Cobalt Carbonate Hydrate
  • Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate
  • Cobalt OctoateCobalt [II]-2-ethy1Hexanoate
(60 g/1 Cobalt in mineral spirit)
  • Cobalt Oxalate
  • Cobalt Oxalate Dihydrate
  • Cobalt [II] Oxide
  • Cobalt [II/III] Oxide
  • Cobalt SulphateSolution
  • Cobalt Sulphate AnhydrousCoSO4 CAS
  • Cobalt SulphateMonohydrateCoSO4.H2OCAS
  • Copper Carbonate CuCO3CAS
  • Copper Carbonate Basic
  • Copper [II] Flouride
  • Copper [II] Fluoride Dihydrate
  • Copper Fluoroborate Solution
The list goes on and on. This could only form a very small part of the entire list. Each of these chemicals is manufactured under strict technological parameters. As can be seen from the few chemicals listed here, some of them have their formula also mentioned, and hence, the composition and exactness of the different chemicals that make up the product being made and supplied has to be maintained exactly to the last digit. And their purity also has to match the requirement of the end user.
It is essential that the best practices are followed in the manufacturing process. It has to start with the raw materials the company is purchasing from their vendors and other sources. The testing facilities should be adequate to check and verify the purity of all the inputs. The next requirement is for the manufacturing facility to be of the latest generation, technologically. The production parameters have to be set accurately. If there is a temperature setting or if pressure has to be maintained inside a reaction vessel, it has to be maintained at a certain fixed level, and the equipments must be designed to control all these aspects.
Lastly, the end products being shipped have to be tested and certified for their purity. High Purity Chemicals have to be exactly that: pure and absolutely pure. The manufacturers of these chemicals have to ensure this.

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