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Nickel Sulphamate Solution

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of surface preparation & surface preservation chemicals. Ms tinchem enterprises and ms target enterprises are well established organisations in catering to the need of various industries. our high purity chemicals are produced using virgin metals only. Recommend for laboratory use, electroplating, electroforming, electroless plating, p.c and hologram manufacturing industries. We ms tinchem enterprises are involved in manufacturing nickel sulphamate liquid since 1980. Our products are approved and accepted in india as well as globally. We manufacture nickel sulphamate liquid from virgin tin metal only to provide best product with no impurities except impurities present in basic tin metal only. our products are approved and accepted in india as well globally. our company is iso 9001 :2008 and iso : 14001 : 2004 certified. Specification---------- appearance green liquid ni % 9.5 to 10.5=127-140 gl specific gravity 1.1300 to 1.345 ph 4.5 of 10 % solution lead (pb) 0.1 gl iron (fe) 0.1 gl copper (cu) 0.1 gl zinc (zn) 0.1 gl sulphate 0.1 gl chloride ( cl) 3.0 gl we would like to introduce overselves as one of the best manufactures of nickel sulphamate liquid in india. We use only on virgin raw materials. We have list of satisfied customers of our chemicals in whole of the india, usa , south korea, australia , japan , iran , sri lanka & many more.

Additional Information

Product Code Nickel Sulphamate
Min. Order Quantity 25 Kilogram
Port Punjab
Packaging Details On Customer demand

Specification for Nickel Sulphamate Liquid

Specification for Nickel Sulphamate Liquid



Green Liquid

Ni %

9.5 to 10.5=127-140 G/L

Specific Gravity

1.300 to 1.345


4.5 of 10 % solution

Lead (Pb)

0.1 G/L

Iron (Fe)

0.1 G/L

Copper (Cu)

0.1 G/L

Zinc (Zn)

0.1 G/L

Sulphate ( So42)

0.1 G/L

Chloride ( CL)

3.0 G/L

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